Linola Baby & Child

For Baby-Soft Skin

Children's and baby skin is especially in need of protection. Since it is thinner than adult skin, it can quickly become dry and is sensitive to irritants.

The Linola Baby & Child care series is fully committed to protecting the sensitive skin of newborns and children. The skin compatibility is dermatologically confirmed. All products have been consciously formulated without perfume, microplastics, silicones, paraffins, and petroleum jelly to consider the special needs of young skin and minimise the risk of irritation – even for those prone to eczema.

For a good skin feeling for the little ones – and peace of mind for you!


Tips for Skin Care of Babies and Children

Checked by Midwives

Baby lies relaxed on its side, sucking its thumb, while the mother applies cream to a dry patch of skin on the child's upper arm, symbolising the proper skincare for dry skin in babies

Dry Skin in Babies – Causes and Skin Care Tips

Dry baby skin is more common than you might think and is harmless in most cases. However, the dry areas can cause itching, potentially affecting the baby's comfort.

Baby lying on its stomach while mother applies cream to a rough patch on the baby's back

Rough patches on the body – What to do about rough baby skin?

The sensitive baby skin can quickly become rough and show dry areas. There are a variety of possible causes – most of them are harmless. Here, you'll learn how to care for and soften rough skin in babies.

Mother and child lying relaxed on a baby blanket, symbolizing helpful tips and the right approach to atopic eczema in babies and children

Atopic Eczema in Babies – Tips for Parents

Babies and children are very often affected by atopic eczema. Parents can quickly feel helpless in this situation. However, there are several tips to help alleviate your child's symptoms.

Mother holding her freshly bathed baby in her arms, wrapped in a bright green baby towel as a symbol of the instructions for bathing the baby

Bathing of Newborn – Tips for the first Baby Bath

Splash, splash: When is the best time for the first baby bath? And how often should babies bathe? Here parents can find answers to these and other questions about bathing babies.

Baby with cream in the shape of a smiling face on its chest symbolising the proper moisturising of babies.

Moisturising Your Baby – What Matters in Baby Skin Care

To moisturise your baby or not? This question can't be answered broadly. What's certain is that baby skin is much thinner than that of adults and therefore needs special protection. Here, you'll find tips on what to consider for baby care.

Young girl standing in the bathroom, laughing at her reflection due to a dab of cream on her nose, symbolising the right skincare for sensitive children's skin.

Sensitive Skin in Children – What to do if the skin itches?

Children's skin is not only more delicate and softer than adults', but it's also more sensitive and dries out more easily. To prevent itching from occurring in the first place, it requires gentle skincare.

Baby lying on the changing table while the mother applies cream to the baby's bottom, symbolising the proper care for a sore bottom in babies.

Nappy Rash in Babies – What to do about a sore baby bottom?

Despite gentle changing, it has happened: the baby's bottom has become sore. A nappy rash is very common in babies. With the right care and additional measures, you can not only provide relief for your little one but also effectively prevent it.

Child sitting on the beach with a sun drawn on their back with sunscreen as a symbol of sun protection for babies and children

Sun Protection for Babies and Children – Tips for Parents

The skin of babies and children reacts particularly sensitively when exposed to the sun without protection. Sun protection involves more than just sunscreen. Here, parents can find tips on what matters when it comes to protecting babies and children from the sun.

Baby's face being moisturised by mother while the baby claps with joy, symbolising the right skin care for newborns.

Baby Care – Tips for Newborn Skin Care

Newborns have very thin skin, making it susceptible to disturbances and irritations. Learn how the right baby care can support the healthy development of the skin.