The right product

When dry or neurodermatitic skin is not sufficiently moisturised, the skin can start to itch. It is therefore important to regularly moisturise your skin.

Baby Care

Baby’s skin is delicate and therefore very sensitive. It requires particularly gentle care to ensure your baby feels completely comfortable.

Tips to prevent chafing

Sores can occur during sport, such as cycling or running, when clothes rub against the skin or due to a build-up of sweat. Preventive treatment is the best way to avoid chafing.


Neurodermatitis needs not just treatment but also regular care. Discover how to relieve the pain, for you and for your loved ones.

Sun protection

UV rays are invisible to the human eye but their effects on the skin can be seen by all. These effects are usually only noticed once it is too late and the skin is already burnt. This is dangerous because UV rays penetrate deep into the skin where they cause damage that is often underestimated. This damage often only becomes apparent much later, sometimes after many years.



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