Itchiness? Dry skin? Skin problems? FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Linola

Hydrocortisone, i.e. cortisone, is only found in Linola Acute 0.5%. All other over-the-counter Linola products do not contain cortisone or any other hormone or derivatives, so they can be applied to children or facial skin without any problem and can of course be used on an ongoing basis.

With the exception of Linola Acute 0.5% and Linola Sept, all other over-the-counter Linola products can also be used without any restrictions in these sensitive phases.

When breastfeeding, however, ensure that the cream is not applied to the breast or nipples. This prevents the baby from ingesting the cream components with the mother’s milk because these have not been tested for taste or stomach tolerance. However, there is no direct threat to the baby.

This is only necessary if the instructions for use exclude application to the face, which is not the case for any Linola preparation. However, the properties of the products mean that some areas of application will benefit more. Linola Face, for example, is intended for application on facial skin but can obviously also be used on other areas of skin.

As this cream also contains a high proportion of natural vegetable oils in a water-in-oil emulsion, it gives the skin a deep and long-lasting moisturising effect. Its 30% lipid content means that the same effect can be achieved as with another cream with a higher lipid content.

Linola Baby & ChildLinolaLinola FettLinola Fett N Ölbad and Linola Protective Balm are all definitely suitable. All these products have been tested for skin compatibility and there is extensive experience with sensitive baby’s skin.

Essential (= necessary for life) fatty acids are vital for human health, and linoleic acid (= polyunsaturated fatty acid) is the most important of these. Linoleic acid stabilises the structure of the cell membranes and the skin. This is why it makes up about 20% of all the fatty acids present in healthy skin. When this proportion is reduced, the skin starts peeling, becomes dry and loses its elasticity. Essential fatty acids cannot be formed by the body or the skin so they need to be supplied by vegetable oils (e.g. sunflower, thistle or evening primrose seed oil) or in a pure form. When applied in a cream containing linoleic acid, they are directly available for the skin to regenerate and to maintain its functionality.

All our Linola products are available in pharmacies throughout Germany where you can also obtain expert advice about our products and their application for your skin problems.

All the special products listed on are available over the counter and can be bought in Germany from any pharmacy without first seeing a doctor. In Germany, Linola, Linola Fett, Linola Fett N Ölbad, Linola Gamma, Linola Acute 0.5% and Linola Sept can also be prescribed for children up to the age of 12 upon presentation of a statutory health insurance prescription. For this, however, the attending doctor must consider the use of this pharmaceutical product an essential part of the treatment. 

Every cream is made up of different lipids and other components, some of which have a musty or unpleasant smell. A cream of this kind would not be accepted by most users, even though it works well; in these cases other pleasant-smelling components (e.g. scents) need to be added.

To prevent further skin irritation, all Linola products undergo strict skin compatibility tests. These tests also include people with sensitive skin and those prone to neurodermatitis.

As soon as a tube is opened, various germs can enter the tube opening just by moving through the air. This risk is increased when the cream is directly applied to the skin or to a finger to be spread further. Contamination and consequent spoiling of the cream is a significant problem as it is not immediately apparent by looking at or smelling the product but tends to only be noticed due to increased intolerance.

Creams containing water are at particular risk (e.g. Linola Acute 0.5%) because they provide ideal living conditions for germs. This means that preservatives or other agents that prevent contamination must therefore be added to these products to protect the skin from the harm caused by a contaminated cream.

Such additives are not necessary in Linola Fett or Linola Fett N Ölbad because of their high lipid content. 

With the exception of Linola Acute 0.5%, all Linola products can also be used in the external genital area. Linola Protective Balm has been specifically developed for this area. Vagisan MoistCream is available to treat vaginal dryness.

The Linola range, with its pharmaceuticals and medicated skin care resulting from decades of experience with holistic skin care and treatment, offers many combination options. All Linola preparations are optimally adapted to each other and to various skin conditions. Any product for DRY SKIN can therefore be combined with other products in the same range. The same applies to the four products suitable for INFLAMED SKIN.

Dry, cracked, itching and stressed skin can be the result of age, too much bathing or showering or a tendency to neurodermatitis. In these cases, it is vital to protect the skin with a cream with a high lipid content (water-in-oil emulsion).

Red, hot, stinging and painful skin are classic signs of the inflammation that can occur following sunburn, mosquito bites abrasions or skin allergies, for example. In this instance, it is more important to cool the skin down to fight the ‘fire’ of the inflammation. Even in the case of a mild inflammation, it makes sense to use a cream with a high water content (oil-in-water emulsion).

Moisturising creams (oil-in-water emulsions) cannot form a long-lasting protective film on the skin to slow down excessive water loss from dry or neurodermatitic skin. In fact, they can have a wick effect (water vaporisation) and dry the skin out more.

Linola Shampoo is used for dry, sensitive or neurodermatitis-prone scalps. The special composition of the cleansing compounds (glucose-based, for example) is very gentle as it cleanses the hair and scalp, and natural moisture regulators and linoleic acid combat the dryness and irritation of the scalp.
Linola Forte Shampoo is used for dry, itchy or psoriasis-prone scalps. The clear microemulsion gently cleanses the scalp and hair and is particularly kind to the skin. Linola Forte Shampoo relieves itching and soothes the skin (through the use of menthol and a special extract of the Sichuan pepper plant amongst others). Vegetable oils rich in linoleic acid support the skin’s natural protective barrier function.

PZN is the abbreviation for 'Pharmazentralnummer' (German pharmaceutical registration number). It is an identification code for pharmaceuticals, remedies and other pharmacy products. For instance, pharmacies in Germany can use this number to search for the relevant product or order the desired product.