Why do some creams contain preservatives?

As soon as a tube is opened, various germs can enter the tube opening just by moving through the air. This risk is increased when the cream is directly applied to the skin or to a finger to be spread further. Contamination and consequent spoiling of the cream is a significant problem as it is not immediately apparent by looking at or smelling the product but tends to only be noticed due to increased intolerance.

Creams containing water are at particular risk (e.g. Linola Acute 0.5%) because they provide ideal living conditions for germs. This means that preservatives or other agents that prevent contamination must therefore be added to these products to protect the skin from the harm caused by a contaminated cream.

Such additives are not necessary in Linola Fett or Linola Fett N Ölbad because of their high lipid content. 

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