Neurodermatitis Therapy

 A little boy looks into the camera, a tear rolls down his cheek.

Neurodermatitis affects every patient differently. How it manifests, which body parts are involved and its severity all vary and depend upon age. Neurodermatitis may also be caused by many factors. A genetic predisposition may lead to the skin over-reacting to external and internal stimuli, for example, and changes in the structure of the skin and the skin barrier also play a role.

When treating neurodermatitis in the acute phase when the skin is very inflamed, pharmaceutical products (e.g. creams containing corticosteroids) are essential.

In the chronic phases when there is no severe inflammation, the skin can still be plagued by itchiness. Regular skin care is therefore an important and widely recognised component in relieving itchiness and other symptoms, as well as delaying the next episode for as long as possible. What is known as ‘basic care’ can therefore help reduce the use of pharmaceuticals.

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