Treating Itchiness

A woman scratches her arm badly. She suffers from neurodermatitis.

Neurodermatitis is often accompanied by very pronounced itchiness. This can be a real stress for those affected and their family.

It is of the utmost importance to not scratch because scratching only increases the itch and can damage the skin. Itchiness can be relieved by exerting pressure, tapping or pinching. It is particularly important to teach this remedy to small children suffering from neurodermatitis. 

Skin prone to neurodermatitis should be rubbed with rehydrating creams regularly, morning and evening. 

Even the wrong type of fabric, such as wool or synthetic materials, can negatively affect the itchiness. These types of materials irritate the skin further. 

Cool packs and cold flannels can also provide relief. It is also important to distract yourself with enjoyable activities. A walk in the fresh air or a good book can keep the itch at bay for a time.

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