Inflamed Skin

Hot, red, stinging or painful skin are classic signs of inflammation which may be due to sunburn, mosquito bites or skin allergies, for example. The most important thing in this case is to cool the skin and thus control the inflammation ‘fire’.

What can we do to help with inflamed skin?

Lipid creams, ointments and pastes are no help to inflamed skin because they do not have a cooling effect. Nor should they be used for open blisters or abrasions. They cannot bind with the sore, oozing skin surface, which can cause a build-up of wound exudate.

Burns and bite injuries should always be checked by a doctor because damage to the deeper layers of skin or muscles is not always apparent at first glance.


Depending on the cause, use Linola, also known as ‘Linola Cream’, for short periods use Linola Acute 0.5% or Linola Sept for skin infections; all are designed to meet the requirements of inflamed or oozing skin. These creams have a high water content and do not seal up the skin.